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my authentication service:
how it works

On-demand authentication has been my blog's go-to area for 2 years.  Designed as a luxury service, I want you to be able to benefit from it in the simplest and most transparent way possible. Here is a step-by-step timeline explaining how your order will go: 

Step 1

Place an order for an authentication service

Simply send the information and photos on the article of which you have doubts about the authenticity.

2nd step

I authenticate your article

Creator of the blog, I have authenticated several hundred luxury pieces.

I will finely analyze all the details of your article to give you a verdict that is as fair as possible.  

I may contact you by e-mail if the information related to your order is incomplete. 

Step 3

I send you the verdict
by email

Between 4 and 48 hours maximum, depending on the offer chosen, you will receive the verdict on the submitted article by e-mail. This includes a detailed report as well as a certificate confirming the status of the item. 

ready to know if your item is authentic?

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